Proms can often be the most memorable event your child will experience during their time at school. All of their friends and teachers will be there, they will have the chance to dance and listen to music, and this will all be done without the worry of schoolwork. Most secondary schools will have a prom for each year group at the end of their final year at the school, marking their transition from formal education into adulthood.
Of course, though, most teenage girls will be more concerned with what they will be wearing than the importance of the prom. Thankfully, we can help you to choose the perfect dress for your daughter.
The Right Level of Formal
Proms are always formal events, though you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to the styles you choose than you get with a wedding or other event. All of the dresses at Carol's Bridal Wear are designed to be rewearable across different types of occasion, while still providing the attention grabbing splendor you’d expect from a garment of this caliber. Some of the prom dresses Bargoed on offer are more out there than others, but they are all age-appropriate for young girls going to their prom.
Beautiful Design
Having worn a school uniform for the better part of their life, a prom presents an opportunity for school kids to dress up and show off a little. All of the dresses on our website would be as much at home on a catwalk or red carpet as they are at a prom. The designs we offer are unique, and we make sure that we only sell one of each style to children from a single school to ensure that your daughter will truly stand out. We’re very proud of our dress designs, and you can find many of them around our site.
Comfortable & Light
Being comfortable during an event like a prom is essential, and being able to dance, socialise, and focus on having fun will be impossible without this. All of our prom dresses Bargoed are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for long periods. They are nice and light to account for the fact that most proms happen in June, and the weather will be nice and warm during this time of year. We encourage parents to bring their kids to our Bargoed to try our dresses to see if they find them comfortable.
Here at Carol’s Bridal Wear, we’ve spent many years developing our range and working to meet the needs of each generation of prom-goers. We offer one-on-one fitting sessions with all of our customers, with appointments available outside of school hours to ensure that your child doesn’t have to miss anything important. While your prom is likely to be in June, it’s well worth arranging your dress a couple of months in advance. Not only will this ensure that you can secure a beautiful dress, but it will also take away the stress of finding something perfect for your daughter.

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