Are you a bride to be looking for just the right dress to walk down the aisle in on your wedding day? One that makes you look gorgeous, but also gives you just the right feel as you begin this new and exciting chapter in your life? Well, if you are looking for such a dress, we here at Carol's Bridal Wear can help.
We Understand A Dress Isn't Just A Dress.
At Carol's Bridal Wear, the premier place to shop for Bridal Dresses in Bargoed, we understand that a dress isn't just a garment that you wear for a single day. In fact, our 44 years of experience in the business means we know that what you wear to walk down the aisle can impact the very experience of getting married.
To that end, we pride ourselves at stocking a wide range of dresses for you to choose from, including the latest style, from famous bridal wear makers, and at a variety of sizes plus sizes (18-34) as well as standard fits. Something that means no matter the look, style, or feel you want for your big day, we will be able to help.
If you want a bridal specialist that understands just how important getting the right dress is, get in contact on 01443 833333 today.
We Offer A Full Service From Start To Finish.
Carol's Bridal Wear is the best choice for Bridal Dresses in Bargoed because we provide a complete service. That is, we can book you in for an initial appointment where you get to discuss style and try on dresses. Our bridal wear specialists can even help you by making suggestions if you would like?
However, our service does not stop there. We will handle ordering your dress too, as well as the fittings before the wedding and any additional alterations you will need. Something that means when it comes to Bridal Dresses in Bargoed, we've got you covered.
If you want a bridal dress expert that can handle things from start to finish, get in contact today on
At Carol's Bridal Wear, We Are A Little Different.
The thing that sets us apart from all the others that sell Bridal Dresses in Bargoed is that we pride ourselves on being inclusive. That is, we offer a range of styles, and sizes so no matter what you need, we can help you find the perfect dress.
Additionally, we also don't discriminate based on budget, either. In fact, you will find a wide selection of gorgeous gowns that span the full cost spectrum. We can even set up an incremental payment plan, for brides that find their dress, but don't have the funds available to pay the whole thing off right away!
If you want an inclusive experience and the best chance of finding that one gown that sings to you, contact Carol's Bridal Wear on 01443 833333 now.
More Than Bridal Dresses
The good news is that we can also help you with another of the most important tasks you will need to complete when planning a wedding. That is sorting out your bridesmaids' dresses. In fact, here at Carol's Bridal Wear, we can even provide you with a rush service where a bridesmaid dress can be made from scratch in 8 weeks.
Therefore, whether it's a bridal dress or outfits for your maids that you are looking for, please get in contact with us on 01443 833333 today! 

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